Shaping My Crazy

As a creative introvert, I’ve often felt my anxiety was an obstacle that prevented me from exploring my passion. But over the years, I’ve come to realize it’s also been what has made me successful as an artist. In this blog post, I will share my journey of learning to navigate life with anxiety and how it has shaped who I am both as an artist and as a person.

Anxious thoughts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. They often weigh on my mind like a heavy fog, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks or even leave the house sometimes. It’s taken me years to learn how to manage my anxiety, but one thing that’s always helped is creating art. When I create something – whether it’s music, painting, or writing – it helps clear away the anxious thoughts and gives me clarity and focus.

I’ve found that expressing myself through art has also given me strength in moments when I feel overwhelmed. Being able to take those feelings and emotions and express them in a creative way has allowed me to tap into a deeper level of understanding about myself and the world around me. By exploring these feelings through art, I’ve developed empathy for others who may be struggling with similar issues.

I have also found comfort in connecting with other artists who share similar experiences with anxiety. The support and camaraderie of like-minded people can be invaluable in managing our mental health struggles. It’s important for us to remember we are not alone on this journey; by sharing stories we can find strength together, inspiring each other to keep going and continue creating despite the challenges we face.

Although living with anxiety can be difficult at times, it doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your creative passions! Overcoming obstacles is part of life no matter what you’re doing – but if you’re embracing creativity as part of your healing process, you can use your experience with anxiety as fuel for your creative fire! Keep creating and never give up – you are not alone! By connecting with other creatives who understand the unique challenges associated with living with anxiety, we can find strength together through our shared journeys and experiences. Join me on this journey and together we will continue shaping the crazy.

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