How to Balance Your Job and Creative Pursuits

For many of us, the nine-to-five job is a necessary evil. It provides financial security and stability but can also be a grind that drains all our creative energy. And for me being a single mom with two teenage kids, I know finding creative time can be diffcult. So how can you make time forContinue reading “How to Balance Your Job and Creative Pursuits”

Making Art Out of Life’s Experiences

It is said that life is a journey, and as with any journey, sometimes you must stop along the way and take stock of your story. Such is the same when it comes to creating art. You must learn to trust yourself, be patient with the creative process, and look at what’s next. Let yourContinue reading “Making Art Out of Life’s Experiences”

Pursuing My Creative Passion, With My kids’ Support

My children often surprise me in the best ways. Recently, my son told me something I will never forget: he was proud of me for pursuing my creative passion and forging my own path into the art world. That moment made me reflect on how art shaped my life. My love affair with art startedContinue reading “Pursuing My Creative Passion, With My kids’ Support”