Get ready for something special! New collection: Chasing Dreams

I’m excited to announce that I am currently working on a new mixed-media collection that is all about chasing dreams. This collection will feature vibrant colours, unique textures, and a variety of materials. I hope it will inspire viewers to follow their dreams and explore the power of creativity in their lives.

The Collection’s Inspiration
This collection is inspired by my journey as an artist. As a young girl, I was constantly dreaming up stories, crafting new projects out of ordinary materials, and seeking out new ways to express myself creatively. As I got older, those dreams stayed with me even though life sometimes made it difficult to find the time or energy to pursue them. Now, with this new collection, I’m setting out to capture the spirit of chasing dreams and never giving up on what makes us unique.

The Creative Process
My creative process involves exploring a variety of mediums—from ink and oil paint to acrylic and resin techniques—to create pieces that are both visually interesting and emotionally evocative. The end result is something like a visual diary; each piece tells its own story while also reflecting my feelings and experiences throughout my creative journey. I’m particularly interested in combining bold colours with tactile textures to create works that evoke a sense of joy and possibility.

Exploring Mixed Media
Mixed media is an incredibly versatile art form that allows you to combine any number of materials in order to tell your story. In this collection, I’m experimenting with everything from acrylic paints and fabric scraps to found objects such as buttons or beads. By combining various elements together in unexpected ways, I aim to create artworks that challenge viewers to think differently about what art can be.

Chasing dreams requires courage, resilience, and optimism—qualities that are also essential for creating art! That’s why this collection is so important to me; it’s an opportunity for me to reflect on my own creative journey while inspiring others along the way. With vibrant colors, unique textures, and various materials at play, this mixed media collection promises to be an exciting exploration into the power of creativity! Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks as I bring this collection closer to completion!

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