Pursuing My Creative Passion, With My kids’ Support

My children often surprise me in the best ways. Recently, my son told me something I will never forget: he was proud of me for pursuing my creative passion and forging my own path into the art world. That moment made me reflect on how art shaped my life.

My love affair with art started when I was a child growing up in a rough neighbourhood called Overbrook, in Ottawa, On. My parents had limited resources, so art classes and museums were out of reach. But I always loved to draw and had an abundance of colouring books. So whenever there was free time, I’d be sure to find my basic supplies and create something beautiful. Unfortunately, as an adult, this passion was put aside as I focused on my career and raising my family.

When my kids were older, and I had more time, I decided to start creating again. This time, however, it wasn’t just about having fun – it was about proving to myself that I could take what once felt like a silly hobby and turn it into something tangible. So, with my kids’ encouragement (and some late nights), I launched Shaping the Crazy.

I have been amazed by the response from the art community. Seeing people come together over shared experiences and stories through artwork has been incredible – something that seemed impossible when I started. People from all walks of life have seen my artwork and found common ground in sharing our collective experience as human beings. What’s more is that through this experience, young adults like my son have gained a deeper appreciation for creativity and its power to bring us together. 

It’s moments like these—when our children recognize our hard work—that remind us why we do what we do. Today when my son said he was proud of me for pursuing my passion, it gave me the courage to continue this journey. I still have many obstacles and challenges, and having their support along the way is my fuel. So, to all moms out there who are considering taking the plunge into their creative pursuits – don’t hesitate! You never know what amazing things might happen when you take the leap!

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