If only I had…

We are all busy. Life happens.  As a working mom there’s always something to distract me from getting around to certain things I know I should do.

Then night time happens,  I begin to think about what my biggest regrets would be if I was to suddenly be sitting on my death bed. I image how my life would have been if I had made different choices.

For my 40th, I am posting paintings which represent some of my regret when I look back over my life thus far.

Both pictures are of the same painting, one taken during the day while the other taken at night.

If only I had taken that leap of faith.

If only I had let my guard down.

If only I had the courage to let go.

If only I had faced my fears. 

If only I had looked within.

If only I had believed in chemistry.

If only I had only cherished the moments rather than chasing them.

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