If I had…Acrylic Glow

Inspired by a video I recently watched of a blackboard in NYC that asked people their biggest regrets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45HcYA8uRA

Both pictures are of the same painting, one taken during the day while the other taken at night.

Leap of Faith 30X30

What if I had taken that Leap of Faith…would I be among the stars?


Guard Down   30X30

What if I had let my guard down…would my heart be filled with love? 

Courage  30X30

What if I had found my courage…would I have made new friends? 

Within  30X30

What if I looked within…would I have found my balance? 

Chemistry  40X30

What if I believed in chemistry…would I be with the love of my life? 

Let Go  16X20    (SOLD)

What if I found the courage to let go…would I be happy?

Moments  18X34  

What if I chased moments…would I be filled with beautiful memories? 

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