Life is made up of moments, some small and fleeting, others seemingly monumental from the moment they occur and stay in our heads and hearts for years. This collection is about appreciating all these different moments that have built and shaped our lives. This collection also serves as a reminder to create new experiences because time does fly by.

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Carried Me

Life’s toughest moments can be made a little easier with the help of those who love us the most. This one is for you mom and dad.

Which Way?

Life is full of decisions, but sometimes not all roads have an open gate. Where will you choose to go? 

Finding Yourself

When I saw the sign, I finally knew it was time to believe in myself and take the leap!

What’s Yet to Come

A reminder to always cherish the moments of love and joy, and be optimistic of what’s to come.

Finding Love

When love is in the air, not even a pair of glasses can reflect its beauty more than two young hearts falling in love.

First Time

She’s blooming beauty, surrounded by a symphony of butterflies!

Value of a Moment

Follow your heart and cherish the memories of once upon a time. #happychildhoodmemories


Time is precious, and this little girl knows it! Let’s take a moment to appreciate all that we have while we can. #TimeToBeGrateful

Go Back In Time

When you reach for love, sometimes it reaches back.

I Saw it Coming

When life feels like an ocean, reach out for a lifeboat. Home is always worth fighting for.

Finding Happiness

Time waits for no one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it dance!

Sands Of Time

The sands of time have a way of reminding us that life is short, and that we should cherish every moment spent with those we love. #appreciation

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