Artwork inspired by a life experience, a cherished moment, a song, a dream, a poem, or just simply people passing on the street.

A kiss on the head was an intimate gesture that showed me his affection and protectiveness and sparked a close emotional bond between us. It was the anchor to my soul. It was my home.



It was my first time venturing out. I was scared but didn’t want fear holding me back. I took a deep breath and never looked back. It wasn’t long until I found peace in my independence.

Inner Light
When falling apart, my inner light allowed me to see and know higher truth. It was the compass that spurred me to action. It goes beyond what words can describe. It was the flame that flickered that sought truth and peacefulness.

Not for Sale (Sorry.)

Childhood Memory I cherish my childhood memories. They were full of magical moments, of dreams, hope and imagination. My favorite memories are shared moments at the family cottage. From catching frogs, playing horseshoes, to standing at the end of the doc watching the water shine, those days were full of joy and adventures.

Imaginary Friend
I often wondered if having an imaginary friend had an effect on the person I am today. Did it affect my social skills, or lack thereof? Did it help me shape my creativity? Regardless, I think about her all the time and wonder if we’d be friends today.

Voice in my Head
Truth be told, I have a nagging, negative toad living in my head. Staying mindful and making positivity a way of life helps me keep her from poisoning my thoughts.

Corporate Puppet
He controlled me. He took my spine, my backbone, my common sense, and drained every ounce of my creativity. He made me blindly follow a corporate structure and dance like his own personal puppet.


You know he’s the one when he makes time stand still.

Do I completely trust or have confidence in someone or something? Does everything we witness happen for a reason? Are we being educated and tested as beings every day and in every way?


Just Keep Walking
“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never see what lies ahead.”
― Gusteau, Ratatouille

Ti'll death do us part
Marriage should never feel like a life 


“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, 
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” 
— Pablo Neruda 



I was lonely, had no friends, lived with anxiety, but under no circumstances did I ever give up hope that beyond my front door was a world waiting to be explored and creatures to imagine.

-the complete loss or absence of hope.

Playing Pretend If I put a mask on would I disappear?

Life on pause

It feels as if time has gone really fast, but also slow. I’ve stayed busy, but also bored. My dreams seem simultaneously closer than ever before, but also further away

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