Chaos and drama drains my time and energy. It’s exhausting and makes me feel disconnected. It tangles my emotions and plays with my head. This collection depicts the overwhelming shift in energy through patterns as I play with dark and light tones, with a touch of red -because love always pull me back to find my balance.


Emotions that are not acknowledged or expressed tend to create a ball in my gut and eventually emerge as anger. When suppressed feelings refuse to stay down, they erupt as small volcanoes of irritability towards others.

16X20 Acrylic

Finding a Connection

One day I will find a friend that allows me to be vulnerable and reveal hurt feelings without judgement or drama to create real lasting connection.

16X20 Acrylic

Illusion of control

Overthinking, worrying, obsessing, and controlling are illusions. These are tactics we use on ourselves that give us a sense of power.

16X20 Acrylic


They say there are many sides to a story. What you see and what you hear depends on the kind of person you are. Your perception of reality is always slightly skewed depending on where your heart and head stand in that moment.

30X40 Acrylic


I have accepted chaos as a fact of life, however I’m not sure my head and heart agree.

16X20 Acrylic

Making Waves

I try telling myself that it’s okay to make waves sometimes and risk letting people know how I really feel.

16X20 Acrylic

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