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Life Is a Journey Filled With Twists and Turns

Rejected from my dream art exhibit, I faced a choice: wallow or raise a glass to making the top 15 out of 65. Opting for celebration, I dolled up and headed to a bar, facing my shyness head-on with a book in hand. I asked the charming bartender to surprise me, and a refreshing gin and lime tonic appeared before me. Cheers to new beginnings! As I sipped my drink, a young couple seeking respite from a long drive joined me. We bonded over business books, exchanged stories, and laughed for over an hour. However, the gentleman seemed more interested in drowning his sorrows. As the conversation flowed, another woman joined the mix, creating a lively trio that embraced the night.

In the middle of it all, sandwiched between these two chatty ladies, I couldn’t believe my luck. The lovely lady to my left was a female pilot, and her stories were absolutely captivating. I couldn’t help but bombard her with questions. Meanwhile, the lady on my right had too many vodka shots and thought getting a little handsy was a good idea. I quickly redirected her attention back to the conversation, but not before catching a glimpse of some incredible pictures from the pilot’s adventures.

This pilot had seen everything from biking along the coast of Nepal to indulging in wine and cheese in Paris to renting a remote B&B in the rainforest in Costa Rica. Her stories were like something out of a dream. And her pictures? Breathtaking.

As much as I enjoyed the company of both ladies, things took an unexpected turn when the lovely drunk lady planted kisses on my neck. She was delightful, smart, and effortlessly beautiful but the alcohol had clearly taken its toll on her state of mind. The bartender had stepped in and cut her off, signalling that it was time for her and her husband to retire to their room. Before parting ways, she cheekily invited me to join them for some “fun” in their room. I gracefully declined, accepting a warm hug with a kiss on the cheek and her phone number instead.

Turning my attention back to the pilot, we delved deeper into her career and the challenges she faced as a pilot. However, as I glanced around, I noticed that the bartender had already finished his shift and had changed out of his uniform. Five hours had flown by without me even realizing it. During that time, I met some truly fascinating people who had given me a fresh perspective on life. As the night ended, I thought it funny how a rejected application led me to celebrate myself and forge two new friendships.

I realized again that night that life is a journey filled with twists and turns, often deviating from my envisioned path. Yet, in these moments of unexpected disappointment lie hidden fragments of magic waiting to be discovered. It is in finding the joy amidst the rubble, in embracing the detours that I stumbled upon new opportunities and unforeseen blessings. Instead of dwelling on what didn’t go as planned, I chose to find gratitude in what I accomplished, no matter how small or monumental. With a grateful heart, I unlocked the door to a profound sense of fulfillment and contentment, marvelling at the power of resilience and the ability to rise above what could have been perceived as a failure.

Life’s unexpected turns may have unsettled me momentarily. Still, within this seemingly chaotic disruption, the true magic of growth and transformation resided.

I am inspired.

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  1. Hey Chris, just thought I would tell you how much of a gifted artist you are but on top of that, your storytelling and penmanship is above and beyond. You are one gifted lady… after reading this, I just can’t wait to see Hamilton and sorry I missed it when it came to Ottawa! Well done!

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