Christine Armstrong

Mixed Media Artist

From a young age, I sought solace in art. Colourful pages of paintings and drawings provided me an escape from anxiety and the pain caused by bullying. Through that creative outlet, however, something magical happened: my elder brother noticed my talent for painting and purchased me supplies to continue on this path – setting off an adventure like no other!

My journey continued when tragedy struck with the loss of my grandmother; despite being heartbroken I found comfort through self-expression which further ignited a fire within myself about discovering what else could be possible creatively. This spurred on more opportunities as at 18 years old I began working at Walt Disney World where creativity surrounded every corner – it was there where passion transformed into purpose!

With an artist’s eye, my journey has been one of forging order from chaos. I held two degrees in creative fields – Graphic Arts & Design and Theatre Arts- before launching into the Digital media sphere where I spearheaded many forward-thinking projects for the Government of Canada. But those successes were only possible by taming life’s chaotic forces. Both as a professional career woman and single mother I look to bring forth positivity and beauty in my life through art.

This creative journey taught me that no matter how chaotic life may seem at times, I can find solace in sharing my work and journey.

This is “Shaping The Crazy”.

Christine Armstrong

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